Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Monhegan Beauty

I still have a few touch ups to do on this one. This is the museum on Monhegan Island...motif #1 up on this magical island.

Red Roof

Thursday, June 21, 2012


GALLERY CRAWL on June 22 - Friday

5-8 PM
New Paintings, wine and cheese

FOREVER FARBUSH at Oceanside 17, Hull,MA

KELLEY MACDONALD at Art Stable in Westport MA

20 X 16

Monday, June 18, 2012


This is a piece of the larger painting I completed this week-end. The piece is 25x40
You can se it at my
OPEN STUDIO this coming Friday
June 22  5-8
featuring my new work and we will be having a wine tasting. FUN!

Saw a lot of wonderful art this past week-end.
The South Shore Arts Festival represented so many gifted painters. This area is a mecca for painters.

I also saw the George Nick and his students exhibit at the Duxbury Art Complex. It was fantastic. Here are some comments from his students, now very accomplished artists.

Keep an eye out for values, tone, temperature and hue.
Be present in your process.
Simplify shapes, mark making and SQUINT.
Dig deep, make it meaningful
FEEL the color and light

George Nick

Famous now, students of Nick

When in school, they spent an entire semester working with shades of grey!
What an idea!!

Thursday, June 14, 2012


Sometimes life gets in the way and I fall out of my painting flow. It is helpful for me to just slurp paint around expecting nothing to get myself back in the mood. This is a little study for a bigger piece that I am now working doing an older painting I did that sold so quickly I never had time to show it

6x6   $90
click here to purchase

Tomorrow I am proud to accept the ROS FARBUSH color award at the South Shore Arts Festival. I know Ros is looking down and smiling.

Saturday night June 16  4-7 PM ...Come on down to the wine tasting and ART show at Local vines and gourmet Wine shop in Cohasset. wine and ART

Thursday, June 7, 2012


Liz Rowley takes great care of her artists. This is a full page in the 2012 CAPE COD ART magazine. Another artist from the Rowley, Mike Rooney's painting is on the cover. Check out Mike's Blog. Jack Dickerson's profile is also in this magazine Jack and Kate Dickerson.
Lots of art to see in Orleans this summer

Scituate Garage

Monday, June 4, 2012


Soooooo....Let's just call it a little too 'right brained' after an incredible Polarity Therapy conference in Albuqerque NM. I actually spaced out the correct time of my flight back to Boston and missed my flight  !!!!!!!!

Soooooo...I used the time for a later flight as creatively as possible! I whipped this painting off in the hotel lobby !!!!!!! for an overdue post for the fabulous GJWP . Luckily the folks in New Mexico are pretty open minded and didn't think me weird at all.
I used the saran wrap surrounding the plastic cups for a palette on top of a tray (I am not staying at the Ritz), squeezed out some gobs of paint, one brush.... did my best to get the values down first go around. I used my phone to record the picture (not great), posted and headed right out for the airport

Some cool art in Santa Fe