Tuesday, August 3, 2010


Can you imagine waking up to this each day and returning to it each evening?
Tomorrow this is the special location where we will paint for the PAINTING WORKSHOP.
Last chance...
Join us AUGUST 4-5
2 days of fun and beauty. You can't match the glory of New England in August.

The Glades 12 x 12 acrylic on board

Patti's Way 36 x 24


  1. Absolutely beautiful!! The thought of escaping this Texas heat and spending a few days painting in New England sounds soooo good! Have fun!

  2. Thanks Linda. Would you believe an artist from your state is coming to paint tomorrow! Wish you were too.

  3. That top painting, I eyed that same spot, thinking, that'll never work on canvas, I am proven wrong - nice one.

  4. I agree, New England summer is glorious when it goes well ;)and it has this year.
    This is beautiful.

  5. I failed to say it's the top one I like best. I'm enamored of the square format and you've done some beautiful 12x12's.


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