Tuesday, May 31, 2011


I can't stop painting this Red Barn. It is the barn next door to my brother's home in Hadley MA. Hadley is in central MA and is real, beautiful farm land.

acrylic and pastel on canvas


  1. nicely done-exudes great warmth-love the rosy sky which works so nicely with the barn-not everyone could make this work, but you sure did!

  2. This has such a wonderful softness to it. I'm wondering how you use acrylics and pastels together. Will the pastel stick to the acrylic? Did you use a pumice gel before the pastel?
    I see that you spend time in Mexico. We also go there quite often during the winter/spring season but we're a little south of you in Isla Navidad (about 40 minutes north of Manzanillo). Isn't Mexico great?


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