Thursday, January 5, 2012


Wonderful day at SF MOMA

8x8 Divisedero

Here are a few gems from the American 20th Century Exhibit..Can you recognize each artist?
Tomayo, Diebenkorn, Dine, Raushenberg, Joan Brown who used a trowel to glob the paint on!


  1. Ciao, mi piace moltissimo il tuo uso dei colori, vivaci e con accostamenti di grande effetto.
    Ciao, Floriana

  2. "Divisedero" is so painterly delicious! Among other things, I love the foreground. The yellow stripes against the!

  3. Your Divisedero is killer! So evocative of both SF and... well, at first glance in the thumbnail, I expected the Fab Four to stride across the stripes.
    Thanks for the glance at 20th Century greats. No surprise you're attracted to the high color. Me, too. Love to see them all, but oh! this is the Diebenkorn I love. None of that tentative Ocean Park stuff.

  4. Wow babe! Great painting! Love your color choices. and it sounds like you are having an art filled time out there.


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