Thursday, May 31, 2012


Today I get out of bed in Albuquerque! I am attending the American Polarity Therapy Association Conference for the next 4 days.

You can read more about this beautiful healing work on my web site here. Click onto HEALING ARTS under Portfolio.

POLARITY THERAPY is a comprehensive body centered therapy, based on the Ayurvedic system of elements that clears and balances the flow of "life energy". Ayurveda is a 4000-year-old science of preventative health and self healing which attempts to maximize homeostasis. Hands on bodywork releases blocks that build up in the physical and psycho-emotional realm, breaking up unconscious patterns, creating new space for transformation and restoration to occur.

Read more information about  polarity therapy

If you haven't experienced a Polarity Session, Call and make an appointment with me.


  1. Welcome to the West! It's supposed to get hotter'n a firecracker this weekend. Fortunately, polarity sounds cool.

    What's with this gorgeous painting? Quite transformational!

  2. I love the little pops of red...and as always, your gorgeous pretty! Have fun in Albuquerque!

  3. I can confirm that POLARITY sessions with you WORK! I think I am long over due for a new one. I am definitely "out of line" these days. Enjoy the workshop! And great painting too!

  4. Page, love the lights and darks, good job! Thank you for the info about Polarity Therapy, must look into this, sounds very helpful! Enjoy your time away!

  5. Nice painting Page, I clicked on the painting to make it bigger and I could really see the variety in the whites and the brushwork - they are both stunning! Miss you.


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