Saturday, November 10, 2012

Oh Balls!

I painted this as a warm up in my Painting class. I could not figure out why the acrylic paints would not mix easily. I figured they must have been frozen one too many a time. I muscled on through hammering the paint onto the board.When my brushes wouldn't wash out and I had cobalt blue all over my hands, I realized I was mixing oil and water. Details...

OH BALLS! 7x7 $100 Click here to purchase

By the way a detail correction that needs to be rectified. Check out this fabulous Blogger's site. Celeste Bergin

Two wonderful events taking place next week-end. How to be in 2 places at the same time? The Fine Arts Chorale is impeccable with Director Richard Travers on Sunday Nov 18 at 2 PM. I have 4 tickets to sell, $15 each.
Featuring 70 artists. My new studio is on the 3rd Floor. 


  1. Oh ha ha ha! Ha ha!

    Congrats on the new studio.

  2. Ha ha I have done that!! Love the rich colors in this!

  3. Oh, I thought I was the only one to do that (mix acrylic and oil!!) haha! Thanks for the nice're too good! :) Beautiful painting. Congratulations on the shows :)

  4. Love the colors in this one. Your story about mixing acrylics and oil made me laugh. I think we've all done that. Congratulations on your show, and new studio, Page!

  5. Love the vibrant colors in this piece!!! Great job, Page!!

  6. Sign me up, I'm guilty of the oil/acrylic miscommunication. Ooops.
    Interesting results none the less, yes?


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