Saturday, October 8, 2016


Abstract pieces take a long time to complete. I don't have a formula and it feels like they are all beginning to look very similar. How to start and when to finish? and why bother?  Your opinion and ideas?
I dedicate this painting to a wonderful talent DEEDEE AGEE SPRECHER who lost her life to cancer last week.


  1. A beautiful tribute to DeeDee Sprecher .... I don't know much about abstracts, only that I like them now more than in the past! Nice colors!!!

  2. I love this. Beautiful colors and interesting forms.

  3. I have the same questions with my work. It is easier to look at someone else's work and know if it is a "yes, fabulous" or a "well, it's fine" piece. It is very difficult to be objective on your own work. Sometime I put a piece in a spot where I will walk by it and see it unexpectedly, while not trying to evaluate it, and the truth kind of hits you.


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