Sunday, August 19, 2012


Getting off the ferry and walking onto Monhegan Island,  Maine felt like being HOME. My grandmother used to summer there so most of the art I grew up surrounded by in my childhood home was collected in the 30's from artists painting on the island.
I had the pleasure of going to Kevin Beers open studio. Click here to see his colorful, light filled paintings. He shared some of his color combinations for his green which he always mixes...naples yellow, ultra marine blue-violet and some black to deepen the green. I didn't have those colors but experimented with ochre and white and ultra blue and to try new combos.
The best part was when he told me he had heard about a cool group from my area on the South Shore of Boston called GIRLS JUST WANNA PAINT. Loved that!

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  1. Love all the colors in the path and those beautiful, cool shadows. Also, fun to take a look at Kevin Beers' work. And, OF COURSE he's heard of GJWP! A celebrity group of fantastic artists .... :-D!

  2. You are one traveling girl these days! Love this painting of a classic Monhegan subject! Your work is getting so vibrant! Miss you.

  3. Wonderful work as always, Page.

  4. It's fun to experiment with color, and learn what other artists do.. for greens, and for skin tones, too! I love this painting because it leads my eye right up to that lovely house, and it could be my 'home'...

    At my Open Studio this weekend, of course I had the GJWP article out and our postcards from our show - people were really interested in the group! Fun!

  5. I, like Linda above, am drawn to the fabulous colors in the path! Masterfully done. wow!

  6. Another beautiful painting, Page. I especially love your wonderful composition. Great work!

  7. Page, your loose, free style, and brilliant colors, all result in beautiful work!


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