Sunday, September 18, 2011


This was the Saturday DEMONSTRATION at the Rowley
20x20 acrylic
I met another blogger at the Demo and her work is beautiful. Kathleen Weber

I also had the privilege of meeting Carol Marine last week who told me exactly how to photograph one's the shadow of a building, upright, no reflection of any kind including the sky. It works!


  1. I'm sure they LOVED this painting, Page - great job! It's hard to demo - at a gallery no less. You're on fire! I know Kathy! She's from RI. When I saw the photo of you and that woman I thought "Wow - another artist named Kathy Weber!" But then I clicked through to see her work, and it was the Kathy I know. Her work is so clear and stunning, I agree!

  2. Sorry for the confusion..the picture is Liz Rowley and myself

  3. I love the way you see light, Page. Just beautiful!


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